the beauty inside a gravitational lens

some time ago i was watching the beauty inside and spent some time thinking about it and interpreting. key plot device in the series was the fact the protagonist wakes up every day with a different appearance and features. some days he is male, some days female, some days old, some days young, some days obese, some days deaf, some days Caucasian. yet when he finally lets someone in his life the transformations stop.

as i understood it for myself it is a metaphor for the thing we all experience, we reinvent ourself every day, as every day we learn something new, something changes us, every morning we are a different person, not as camp as in the series but still. those changes are necessary to go forward in life, yet when you meet someone special you try to stop it so the other can hold on to the person they love.

and then i had a meta-thought: how much of my own personalty is in this explanation? as everyone might understand and interpret it for themselves in different ways the understanding ultimately depends on the person itself.

so actually by interpreting the movie i learned something about myself, its like my emotional phaneron is a glass ball around myself and i learned about its shape and imperfection by observing a distant object outside, much like we learned about ZW 2237+030 by observing Q2237+030

and this realization was a meta-meta-thought. damn i love abstractions image by NASA