Rant on unix

so i mixed up -o and -O in wget and ended up downloading 1G5 of data to /dev/null. i cant understand how a system which allow such things to happen is considered good. I lost data due to its poor design and this is a cause of dismissal for a program. But it seems *nux user share some masochism by saying ah its my fault instead of machine, why hadn't you avoid this by aiding me. Humans make errors, machines don't (except for float arithmetics) so why don't let it help us prevent such crap? *nix still lives in the 70th but its 2013 where i live and i want to say machine, heres an archive, unpack it instead of issuing tar -xfcwtfomfgumadlol. Guess why Universal extractor is one of my favoritest programs — it doesn't make me think and takes care of my needs.

fck you wget, the only program i know using capital O for outputfile. fck you mv for killing another half gig bc i forgot a quotation mark. fck you linux, Windows atleast prompts me if i want to overwrite a file