Why MMO7 is the best mouse ever

I waited 6 month. 6 month! I don't know why the delivery to European market took so long (but i do know some employees had take-to-home-and-gift-to-son-access to them in January). Anyway i did my waiting.

Since long i was really fascinated by Cyborg's RAT family. I like the design, this ripped-apart style, the customizability and the fact you can adjust the size (i have rather big hands). Eventually i got myself a RAT 9 but it didn't last long because i realized cordless mouse isn't mine, primary for battery switching, i like the don't-work-place-it-on-charger way more. Anyway before giving it back i thought about switching to RAT7 but then i heard about MMO7 and was in-love. I mean 15 buttons! Fifteen! But what fascinated me was not the amount of buttons (RAT7 has plenty too) but those 2 small, orange buttons placed between the wheel and primaries. Them 2 were my buy-reasoning.

The big disappointment

Those buttons were labeled as "Action-lock" on the website and the manual. Their purpose was to switch the primaries from normal to latched, very useful if you have to hold down a button for a long time, but want to relax your hand. Before spending 30 extra Euro for just those 2 buttons i posted a request to mad-catz. Sadly i don't have the original text anymore but it was along those lines:

will the two small buttons beneath the wheel be customizable
every button will be!

Boy was i excited. But as i finally got it the buttons were not programmable. It required some complaining, lot of work by Cyborg's programmer, 3 more month' waiting and a firmware update to get them programmable.

But then i was pure honey to work with it

Why one even need them

My first idea back in 2011 was to map CTRL+C and CTRL+V to them. Surprisingly i didn't used them that much in that configuration.

My workflow now

sublime text 2Cyborg Auto-Profiler
sublime text 2Column selection
Paste menuclipx

all of sudden my mouse died

Ive contacted support of cyborg, them said to give it back to reseller, them sended it in for repair

2 weeks later i got an replacement, so im happy again