LEAP spaceship control

I always liked how agile Vipers from Battlestar Galactica are. I guess an experienced pilot (i know a test pilot, but he only tested in-atmosphere planes so far, so he could only guess looks possible, but like 4–6 Gs, it will f*ck you up) and enough nozzles would make this work. But i, since i was a kid, visualized plane movements not by mimicking the joystick movements but by using my flat hand to indicate the wing-plane. So, direct manipulation? I like it, lets do it

Model is Colonial Viper Mark II by Dr.Sleep, for 3d+leap stuff i used tutorials by Lee Stemkoski

So pitch, roll, yaw work as expected: you tilt your hand ship starts tilting, you revert your hand, ship stops. Reach further will give more thrust. First person view would look way better, but i don't have asteroids or such models atm, so watch out for an update.