On Bioshock Infinite

8/10, "Best action on F-button" award receiver

there are anough in depth-reviews so ill focus only on my 2 cents

what i did like

immersive world, weaponless missions where you just wander around and admire the world, which is bisy by itself

what i did NOT like

① the combat is a motherfucking bloodbath, i mean seriously‽

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ok ok, as you advanced a bit more you just burn you enemies without a trace so its fine again</sarcasm>

① reality checks when scripted and diced dialogs interfere

she was abused for 6 month, and i just pulled a huge spike from her back and what does she say? this tiny little lock like nothing's happend.

or THE scene where booker plays guitar ends and what does she say booker, i found money srsly? i was freaking crying of joy and then this? at least it happend not the first time i triggered the scene but some later play-through.

what made me rage

① the fanboys be like ermagerd biosherk best game evar!!eleven!

BI is not the best game, nor is it truly exceptonal: its a game done descent! It has its flaws and its good moments - it is a really good game. Just because 80% of current games are halfbreed-notthoughtthrough-cripped bullshit makes one percive a descent game as something extraordinary. its not Bioshock Infinite = amazing , other games ok; its Bioshock Infinite - how it should be done, other games - how it should not (i am looking at you DeadSpace3Need for Speed: Rivals)

① fanboys be like Elizabeth revolutionary

Well compared with Ashely from RE4 everyone is. Ok ok, voiceacting is excellent, motion-capturing too. Itself busy keeping AI is good too, and those comedy moments with medicine balls brightened my day. The social/emotional aspect is really really well done. still: well done, how a good actor would pulled it out in a movie - nothing revolutionary. As for character Elizabeth is a fascinating young lady and i do like her very much. Shes a lovely girl

Buth this ermagerd she helps you in combat and heals ya is nothing revolutionary. Remember Darkling from Darkness 1/2? So did he, he even took out enemies for us, and would occasionally sit on benches and wiggle his legs.

biosherk sucks - no different endings

why do everyone expect different endings in every game? Is it a must have in 2013?

Also i see the point in bioshock is: no matter how you try you cant change the outcome - the end is always the same - there is always a man and a city

which leads us to

things i would loved to see AKA missed opportunities

① More choice opportunities which are still negated later in game (and not immediately as it is eg with the raffle). You dont kill someone, but let them run - they cause some trouble for next 2 hours of game and then are killed in a accident. Universe cancels your tries to change something.

① Heads? Or Tails?

This is how i would have done this: Scene would appear later in the game - player should had a chance to die several times (sure so he does now, but everyone i know playing the game refused to jump down the clouds). And the count on the board would be 122+number of players death'. Once THIS would have been figured out game devs would have earned the status "evil-genius" for live.

What i am looking forward to

the DLC, obviously - i feel it will be one of few DLCs which are actually new content and not stuff actually was in game but was removed to sell it again. Exceptional in being the only fair and well made in this greed-poisoned publisher-abused landscape (im looking at you EA).

well it was a bit more than 2 cents - take the change ⑤② and check in later - you can send me your cents via my twitter or email. Thank you for reading.